About Us

CEO Lifelines is an innovative elite management framework. The framework is comprised of
three parts, including: the four foundational pillars, the nine lifelines principles, and the 102
exceptional habits. The foundational pillars include leadership, strategy, execution, and the
luck spread, and the lifelines principles include three personal and six enterprise lifelines.
Both the foundational pillars and the lifelines represent high-level principles, while the
exceptional habits of elite leaders, elite enterprises, and elite boards translate these principles
into specific building blocks necessary for building and sustaining an elite company.


  • To help build and sustain elite companies



  • Integrity and trust in all engagements.

  • To amaze clients with superior service.

  • Commitment to excellence on all engagements.

Advisory Practice


Professional advisory services to senior management, board of
directors, entrepreneurs, and private equity. Advisory services are focused on
implementing the CEO Lifelines elite leadership framework and addressing specific leadership, strategic, or execution needs of client.


Designed for large groups—particularly global

leadership team—focused principally on understanding at a high-level the CEO Lifelines elite management framework, including: the four foundational pillars, the nine lifelines, and
the 102 exceptional habits.



Designed for small groups—particularly at the
executive level—strategic dialogue sessions are centered on implementing the CEO Lifelines elite management framework, including: the four foundational pillars, the nine
lifelines, and the 102 exceptional habits.



Designed for leadership meeting, keynote speeches are tailored to the specific need of client. Motivational speeches provide insight and perspective on matters of great importance to the client.



Our Books


"Salvatore Fazzolari is a leader's leader, and his book gives aspiring new executives as well as seasoned old hands much to think about. Sal presents an innovative management framework for building and  sustaining an effective, enduring company. His book is more than corporate excellence; it is a useful handbook for any leader in any endeavor."

-John P. Abizaid, General (Retired), U.S. Army

"Leadership is both an art and a science, Sal captures the essence of what makes an elite leader and outlines the common habits of Elite Leaders. A must read for new leaders, but also for veteran leaders who need a bit of a refresher. "

-Bruce A Carbonari, retired Chairman and CEO, Fortune Brands

"As the famous playwright and critic George Bernard Shaw wrote, 'Those who can do, those who can't teach.' I differ with Mr. Shaw because Sal Fazzolari can do both. As a former CEO and consultant, he has more than fulfilled the 'do' portion of this quote. As a teacher and mentor, he has produced this adroit, lively tutorial of what works and what doesn't. This book is a must read for both experienced executives and business novices."

-Michael Feur, co-founder and former CEO, OfficeMax; syndicated columnist, author, speaker, and CEO of Max-ventures

"Sal is an advanced student of business excellence. This book is an amazing combination of real, personal experience, astute observation and a compilation of some of the best business advice of current times."

-David Dabreko, retired CEO, National City Corp.; director on the boards of numerous public companies.

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